World Refugee Day

Thursday 12 July 2018

This year Save the Children, in collaboration with UNHCR, commemorated World Refugee Day with more than 300 people from different nationalities, communities, and organizations at the Sawy Culture Wheel in Cairo.

The evening started with the opening ceremony of a photography exhibit entitled “Sudanese Team,” featuring the work of award-winning photojournalist Heba Khamis. Over the course of five days she captured the daily lives and challenges of a group of young African refugees in Egypt, from the Sudanese community.


Refugee children of diverse talents and different cultures were represented through folk songs they performed.







The event included a bazar featuring handicrafts produced by Syrian and African refugees, which is part of our livelihood.

The evening closed with a performance from AfriCairo, a multicultural band made up of Egyptian and African musicians. 



World Refugee Day is marked on the 20th of June of each year. Organisations from around the world use this time to highlight refugee issues, challenges and dreams.