World Health Day: “When you maintain your health, you maintain the integrity of your soul.”

Wednesday 7 April 2021



What does health mean to you? A healthy body, a healthy mind, a healthy family, a healthy planet or even a healthy future? For many, health was taken for granted before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic changed the world just over a year ago. Over 200 thousand cases of the disease have been officially confirmed by the Egyptian Ministry of Health, and more than 12 thousand people have died. In health crises like these, refugee communities are the most vulnerable, facing challenges to receive proper public healthcare.

On World Health Day, we join the global campaign to build a fairer, healthier world and call for action to eliminate health inequities.

We asked a number of beneficiaries and healthcare workers about the importance of health to them, and how this past year has changed their lives. This is what they had to say:


Samy* - 9 years from Egypt

“Health is awesome. If you are unhealthy, your body is subjected to illnesses. If we have good health, our immunity will increase and thus our bodies will be able to fight any viruses.”


Nadeen* - a Sudanese beneficiary:

“When you maintain your health, you maintain the integrity of your soul. I always advise my children that they adhere to the precautionary measures when they go to school, to limit the risk of contracting coronavirus.”


Karim Abuzied, Healthcare Coordinator:

“Health services are the basis of an individual's sense of safety in society, and that is why I am proud to be one of the primary medical care providers for the refugee community in Egypt. We are well aware of the importance of health and health services for those who have been forced to leave their country and their lives to search for safety and protection, and therefore we spare no time or effort in providing the necessary health services as much as possible.”

 Since the outbreak of Covid-19, Save the Children Egypt has implemented an emergency strategy, to respond to the urgent needs of its beneficiaries. More than 170 thousand hygiene kits were distributed to families, partners and schools, and more than 175 thousand beneficiaries received health awareness information from our teams. We also provided sterilization supplies to health units, care institutions, quarantine hospitals and schools across Egypt.