"Stand Up for More" is Now Viral

Sunday 10 July 2016

More than 40,000 children under five die each year in Egypt. Nine out of ten of these deaths occur before the child's first birthday, and about one half occur during the first month of life. Save the Children is responding by boosting awareness of nutrition for mothers and children and promoting promote healthy parenting practices. We are also working to improve the availability and access to quality maternal and child health services, saving lives of both mothers and babies. Today Save the Children and Johnson & Johnson launched an online campaign as part of their global partnership campaign named “Stand up for more” that started 2 years ago.

The campaign aims to bring positive change to children over the next two years by supporting caregivers of babies and young children, ensuring they are provided with the tools and strategies to ensure children both survive and thrive. It is running in two of the most vulnerable areas of Egypt, Manshiyat Naser in Cairo and Sedfa in Assuit. Stay tuned!