Save the Children Supports Mental Health Hospital in Cairo

Tuesday 2 September 2014

The children’s play area at Abbassia Mental Health Hospital before (top photo) and after (bottom photo) the renovation work was carried out, funded by Save the Children’s emergency response programme.

 As part of our humanitarian psychosocial and mental health work with refugees and vulnerable Egyptians, Save the Children is supporting Abbassia Mental Health Hospital with medical and recreational equipment to improve the quality of vital psychological care for children and adolescents. Abbassia Hospital, near to Salah Salem Road in Cairo, provides care for children with severe mental health problems and works to assess and rehabilitate these vulnerable children. Save the Children is referring children who attend our Child Friendly Spaces across Greater Cairo and need specialised psychological support to Abbassia, to ensure they receive the care they need. To improve their play environment, Save the Children provided funds to renovate the paediatric clinic’s playground, transforming the original outdoor space (top photo) to a safer and more child-friendly play area (bottom photo). Save the Children also provided the clinic with materials to carry out psychometric tests and develop children’s psychomotor skills, as well as office equipment for the adolescent’s clinic. The Hospital plans to hold a fun day in September, which will bring children together to make friends and play in the newly improved grounds of the clinic.