Messages in World Humanitarian Day

Friday 19 August 2016

World Humanitarian Day is an annual reminder of the importance of humanitarian work globally. This year Save the Children commemorates the day by sharing special memories from our inspiring aid workers. 

Our priorities should be clear

Photo caption: Children participating in awareness raising sessions against violence against children. Photo taken by Hannah Hames/ Save the Children

“Among all humanitarian work I have done, the memory that stays with me was when I was providing psychosocial support for a 10 year old child who became very aggressive and his mother told us that he just wanted to die. I remember that all he talked about was food.  I spoke to his mother, and she told me that they are a family of 5, and they didn’t a have regular income. At that time, they all lived in an unfurnished room and the only meal they had each day was lunch which they shared together. As a psychologist I didn’t know where to start. I thought we first have to meet the family’s basic needs. So, we cooperated with other NGOs to provide the family with a proper flat and a stable income. Then, I started working with him on developing his social skills, and regaining his self confidence. He participated in activities to build trust with the whole world again, after a while he became more secure, and definitely happier.

 Martha Fawzy, Psychologist Egypt Office


We don’t know everything

Photo caption: Group of young women attending training on business skills. Photo taken by Aya Tousson/ Save the children

When we finished conducted a training program on business skills we distributed certificates to the graduates. The Graduates are 18-35 year old young women. So, during our distribution we sadly forgot one person - she is a mother who lives here in Egypt with her husband who has trouble finding a job, so she is trying to find a way to make some income. This woman was so inspiring for several reasons. She kept calling me every day to get her certificate even after her business idea was approved. So one day I asked her - Why? and she said “I want to prove to my husband that I took this course” and her husband was very happy about what she did. At that moment it hit me how this woman craves to be acknowledged for her smartness and her intelligence and not just be defined by her urgent economic needs.

Rasha Salem Project Officer. Egypt Office 


Never underestimate your effort

Photo caption: Women received blankets after the Delta floods in Alexandria. Photo taken by Aya Tousson/Save the Children

“After the floods that happened last winter in Alexandria, I went to evaluate our intervention. All the way, I was questioning myself how the beneficiaries will react when we distribute Hygiene kits, blankets and mattresses especially that many houses were totally damaged. On contrary, to my expectations they were so glad and thanked us for being there for them. Children were so happy when they received the kits. Families told us that at night it was really cold and they have nothing to sleep on or cover themselves with. For sure this can help till their houses get fixed. Seriously, every single step is worth it.”

Amr Oraby, MEAL Assistant, Egypt Office


You can see the change you contributed to make happen

 Photo caption: Children working together in one of our projects. Taken by: Hannah Hames/ Save the Children

 “While preparing for a children’s outreach activity we thought about mixing different nationalities with Egyptians. It was difficult somehow to help them work all together at the beginning, as they all had so many stereotypes. On the last day of the project we conducted a reflection activity for the children to freely express what they had learned. Suddenly, one of the Syrian girls stood up and said that she used to not like non Egyptians so much. However, after working together her perception changed and she is impressed by their personalities and she is surprised nice and decent they are. Tears ran from her eyes and she bravely asked them to forgive her and thanked them all. Seeing this change happening in front of us all made it so special.

 Angham Saeed Project Assistant, Egypt Office.