Our History

Although the Middle East region has seen economic growth in recent years, there are huge disparities between rich and poor and young people, especially, face high unemployment. Combined with current political unrest illustrated by the regular demonstrations in Egypt, these conditions have serious implications for the approximately 35 million children and young people in the country, as rising poverty and unemployment put children and young people are at increased risk of irregular migration and exploitation, as well as food insecurity and psychosocial trauma - especially for refugee families.

Save the Children has operated in Egypt since 1982 guided by both communities' needs and the government's development priorities, working closely with local civil society organizations, local officials and families we address children’s needs holistically through a “life cycle approach" - combining health, education, protection, and livelihoods from birth to adulthood. 2013 was a pivotal year in our history as we began emergency related programming (in relation to Syrian crisis) as well as were registered officially as SCI (go live February 1, 2014).

Our staff, based in our main office in Cairo and our field office in Assuit, improves life conditions for Egypt’s most vulnerable children and increases their opportunities for a brighter future. We work to improve maternal, neonates, infants and school children’s health and nutrition; improve children’s access to quality education and reduce child illiteracy; protect and advocate for the protection of children from harm including those involved in child labor, illegal migration, as well as children living and working on the streets and children in emergency situations.

We also improve youth’s life opportunities through developing their vocational, financial and life skills, as well as empowering vulnerable mothers to engage in income generating activities that lead to improving their families’ lives and well-being.